Saturday, March 24

Everything's Coming Up Irish: A Legend

I'm so glad other people are contributing to the Irish theme, because, although I still have a few ideas for Irish posts, my mind's been on other things, like spring cleaning, a post on redemption that has taken way more work than I imagined, and the top secret project mentioned earlier.

So let me point you to The Upward Call, where Kim posts the story of the birth of CĂș Chulainn. I love legends, but I don't know the Irish ones, so this story is all new to me.

I hope to have the Saturday's Old Photo post up later today; that is, if I can turn my attention to it. I've been sidetracked over the past couple of days by the redemption post, mainly with distilling all the material down to something that has the length and simplicity of a blog post, and juggling posts, jobs, or clovers is not one of my strengths.

Why don't you help me out and post something Irish for the Everything's Coming Up Irish theme? If you leave me your link in the comments or email it to me, I'll link to it, and be forever grateful.