Monday, February 9

A Few Good Books

Here are a few book I have read and enjoyed recently:

Faith: Tried and Tiumphant by D. Martyn Lloyd Jones.

A collection of sermons on Habakuk and Psalm 73. A more devotional sort of book, but just what I needed when I read it. Found this goody in the used book section of the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

The Atonement:It's Meaning and Significance by Leon Morris.

The same subject matter as The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross but written specifically for lay people. Lots of good information in this one and it was another thrift shop find for me.

Paul: An Outline of His Theology by Herman Ridderbos.

I read this one little by little. It's translated from the Dutch, and the language is often a bit difficult to understand, but what you find underneath the difficult writing is profound and thorough. Many of the things I have written about here I began mulling over because of this book. If you are interested in some samples from this book, here are a couple of excerpts: In Christ, With Christ and Reconciliation.