Saturday, May 1

A Little Fun for Saturday

For the easily amused (and that would be me!), try out InterTran. This page, it says, translates between 1482 language groups. Enter a bit of text in any of the available languages and it will translate it into the language of your choice. Of course, it serves no useful purpose besides entertainment. (Like genuine translation is THAT simple!) You can see how well (or not) it works by typing in an English phrase and translating it to English.

See if you can guess what English phrase I typed in to get this Latin phrase: Aliquantulus carmen, aliquantulus tripudio, aliquantulus ebullio unda in vestri pardus.

For those of you who are culture snobs and only interested in something at least a bit clever, Dr. G. points us to a comical look at evolutionary theory by Doug Wilson in a little a song called Science Fiction.

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