Friday, May 28

Old Fogeys of the World Unite!

In my post explaining the things I promise not to write about on this blog, I said I was an old fogey. I have proof, too, in case you are a doubting Thomas. See down at the bottom of the white box on the sidebar of my main page. Yes, I took the Myers-Briggs personality test. See my results? The description of my personality type contains these words: "Guardian of time-honored institutions. Dependable." That is, of course, psychobabble for "very stodgy old fogey."

Anyway, David of Jollyblogger fame, admitted in the comment section of that post that he is an old fogey, too. That got me thinking, and I thought, "I bet a lot of the readers of this blog are old fogeys."

So, if you are an old fogey, please leave a comment affirming that you are. If you are a closet old fogey, now is the time to come out of the closet.

If you are not an old fogey, now is your chance to do what you love most by proving a guardian of time-honored institutions wrong. Just leave a comment saying that you are not an old fogey, and if there are enough of you innovative, free-wheeling, laugh in the face of all that's truly important types, you will succeed in your endeavor.

C'mon guys, let's hear it for old fogeys!