Saturday, May 22

Some Fun Stuff for Saturday

On Saturdays we concentrate on fun stuff here. And really, what could be more fun than blogging? If you've ever thought about starting to blog, Tim has a new site up called BlogBasics that gives you everything you need to know to start on your blogging adventure.

This is our May long weekend here in Canada, when we all do our big gardening projects or take our first camping trip. Monday is Victoria Day, and here is a site devoted to Victoria Day and all the fun things that go along with it.

For more fun stuff, Hal of The Great Separation links to a list of some of the more amusing Bible printing errors.

And finally, I just discovered a new blog done by a couple from my town, Lynn and Lawrie Stewart, who are blogging their way through a six month trip across Canada and back. The blog contains beautiful pictures and a diary of all the things they see and do.