Wednesday, June 23

Like Texans in Snow

Remember back a few days ago when I said we were going to have a spell of perfect weather? That was back when I thought a couple of 30+ degree days (90+ for you farenheit lovers) would be a whole lot of fun. Well, the couple of days have turned into 5 so far, with no end in sight, according to the weatherman. I am now officially sick of this "perfect weather". Would someone please come and take it away?

I know this sounds whiney, but let me explain a few things. We just don't have the equipment to deal with summer heat. We usually have no need for air-conditioning in house or vehicle, or even fans, so most of us just don't have them. Our decks have no shading--we don't ever need it--so they are useless to us now. I have to make sure I have shoes on when I water the flower containers on the decks so I don't burn the soles of my feet. And those flower containers need watering somewhere in the neighborhood of a million times a day.

My sons left the gear from their rafting trip in the trunk of the car. It was smelly and full of mildew when they finally got around to taking it out. They don't know about things like mildew, because it's always cool and dry here. They think I'm a little mad when I run around opening and closing doors and windows and blinds to control air flow and keep sun out so we can preserve the slightly more tolerable conditions we have in the house.

My youngest son keeps putting off his outdoor chores until late in the day, when things are their hottest. He's never needed to work around the heat before, and I can't say he's proved to be a particularly fast learner. But then his mom keeps planning things for supper that require baking or long cooking times and the plans have to be scrapped at the last minute in favor of Kraft dinner (macaroni and cheese out of a box, for you non-Canadians), or canned soup.

As for sunscreen--I've been allergic to any of it that I've ever tried, and I've tried lots. So is my oldest son. And we're very light skinned--blonde and blue-eyed--so we really need it if we're out in the direct sun without long sleeves and long pants and hats. My son went boating on Saturday. He took off his shirt. His back is not a pretty sight. "But it was only for a half an hour," he explains. He just didn't understand about sunburn and how fast the fair skinned can get one. He hasn't had to know that sort of thing before. He's probably never really had the urge to go shirtless on the water on a sunny June morning before.

I am so used to sleeping with my down quilt, year in and year out, that I can't sleep covered with something lighter. So there I am, wrapped up in my comforter, sweating as I sleep.

So, to the high that is stalled over the Yukon, I have this message, "Chicago wants you! Go there!"