Wednesday, June 2


....would have been my 29th wedding anniversary. So for those of you who read here and knew what day it was, and wondered if I'd noticed, yes, I noticed.

I celebrated it in exactly the same way we celebrated it for every single one of the 27 anniversaries we had together--I failed to notice what day it was until late in the day, when it would have been too late to do something special. People who knew us and saw our casual attitude toward our anniversary were sometimes taken aback by it.

I suppose I ought to offer a bit of an explanation. We were always involved in the schools, either as students or teacher or parents, and June 1 is right at the peak of the end of the year activities, and our anniversary always seemed to get lost in the shuffle of all the other important things we needed to do. After missing it for the first few years or so, when we had really made the effort to remember, we just sort of agreed to go with the flow and not make a big deal out of the day.

What really matters is that I knew I was loved deeply, and I'm pretty certain he was just as sure of my love for him. It is possible to put a facade of love over an unloving relationship with showy things, like flowers or special celebrations, but it would have been impossible for him to fake that expectant searching glance toward the windows of the house when he returned home each afternoon, and the light that sparkled in his eyes if he caught a glimpse of me.

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