Monday, July 19

Postural Stability of a Human Riding a Unicycle...

....and Its Emulation by a Robot.

That's the title of a PDF file on my desk top right now. I didn't download it, but I'm pretty sure I know who did. It must be this guy.

Yep, the old unicycle is getting a workout. The $12.50 garage sale wonder is out of the shed again.

The fam's youngest has spent several hours over the past couple of days practicing his unicycle skills. He's pretty good on the down slope of the yard, but has yet to manuever the rise back again.

His dad picked that thing up the summer he was 44, and learned to ride it in a day or two. First across the back yard, and when he had mastered that, he graduated to the street. For a week or so he spent time every day riding up and down the road, to the amusement of all the neighbors, I'm sure. Then he took a nasty fall, and after that he decided that proving that he could do it was enough. Old dogs can learn new tricks, but they don't snap back after a spill like spring chickens do.