Monday, September 6

Frost, Fog, and Fall

Fall is here. I should have been writing my fall is here post a couple of weeks or more ago, but our unusually summery summer didn't seem to want to leave us. I woke this morning to a hard frost, and now the river valley fog has rolled up over the clay cliffs and beyond, and into my yard.

I went out last evening to cut all the blooming flowers that I could, so each room in main part of the house has big vase full, and we moved the patio tomatoes behind the windows in the living room. I'm not sure why I cared about the tomatoes, since they are almost done producing anyway, and I'm just saving a tomato or two on each plant.

The leaves on the trees have begun changing colours, although there are still a lot of green leaves, too. The good heavy frost will mean that those leaves that change colours from here on out will be brighter, with more oranges and reds along with the plain old yellows and browns. A hard early frost is both a blessing and a curse: it means there is no extended fall gardening season, but it also means that for the next couple of weeks, the trees will be so much more striking.

And there was new snow on the mountains on Saturday morning.

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