Tuesday, October 26

Life Goes On

Oldest son is leaving tomorrow for Vancouver. These last couple of days have been very busy for him (and for me) as he gets all sorts of important things done. Today we finally were able transfer ownership of the truck and get it insured in his name. He had it appraised this morning, too, so he'll be able to have it insured for something closer to what it's really worth.

So the first half's been busy, and the afternoon promises to be busy, too. The new stove came in and will be delivered, and the winter tires need to go on the car. This is all to say that while I had hoped to post the final installment in the attributes of God series today--this last one being on God's grace--I'm certain that won't happen. It probably won't happen tomorrow, either, but I'm still aiming for sometime this week.

It will be only young son and me at home for a while. We have gone from a family of 6 down to 2 in under two years. Things are strange, but I suspect it won't be long until youngest daughter joins us again. She is not very happy in Calgary. The problem is not so much Calgary but that she's been a bit spoiled in the jobs she's had here--good jobs with good benefits, and quite a bit of responsibility--and she knows she could come back to them, and that option's starting to look pretty good to her. I'm trying to not say much in the way of encouragment for her to come home. The decision needs to be hers without much influence from me, but we'd be glad to have her back!

Apparently I was too busy to feed the cats this morning....or so they're saying.