Wednesday, November 3

Ugly Day

I'm talking weatherwise. Dreary and rainy, with dark, low clouds. We already had snow, so the rain on top of that made it slushy and mucky and generally disgusting. No walk for the dog, and younger son's trip to Dawson City for a weekend volleyball tournament was pushed back at least a day due to nasty road conditions. He was supposed to leave early tomorrow morning, but now it'll be early Friday morning, and that only as long as conditions improve.

To cheer us up, this evening I lit the first fire of the season, and we cozied in and watched the first Raptors game of the season. They won, and the game was a good one. I'm one of those whacky people who is happy that there are no hockey games because that means we get Raptors games televised instead.

Wednesdays is the busiest day of my week, so I usually don't post much--sometimes just a link to the Christian Carnival, or maybe something rambling like this. Did you notice that I did find the time to change my tagline?

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