Monday, December 13

Fa La La....

These have been really busy days. This weekend we got our tree up and decorated, and yesterday youngest son spent quite a bit of time decorating the mantle, getting it just so. He's the only one in the family with refined taste in holiday decorating, and it's best to leave him alone in his decorating projects, because he just ends up getting frustrated that no one else takes the sort of care he does.

Tonight youngest daughter flies in from Calgary. She's very excited to be coming home, and we're very excited to have her come.

I'm working on a little piece that I hope to post tomorrow so I'll have something to enter in the Christian Carnival. I've had the title down for a couple of days and nothing more. So we'll see if I finish it in time or not! There are lots of new comments I'd like to respond to, also, but now I need to go get the upstairs bathroom cleaned and some sheets changed.

And supper! I can't forget supper.