Tuesday, December 28

State of Affairs

These are busy, fun, intense days here. Youngest daughter was booked to fly back to Calgary yesterday, but she changed her return ticked to Friday instead, so all the kids are still here. We have more company driving in from Haines Junction today to stay overnight, and I need to get ready for them.

Today is my oldest daughter's golden birthday. We'll be having the party tonight. She doesn't get a proper birthday party very often, since her day falls right between Christmas and New Year's eve when everyone's all partied out and trying to recover from all the holiday activities. We'll try to do it right today!

Blogging, then, will be light until they all leave on Friday. I'd become used to the quiet we had here when it was just the two of us--youngest son and me--and I find it difficult to form sentences with the whole crew swarming around. Or when there's a plumbing disaster looming. You don't want details on that one.