Tuesday, January 11

Round the Sphere Again

Items of interest from the blogs on the roll:
  • If you've raised children to adulthood, you'll understand this all too well. [From promptings.]

  • He Lives gives us an overview of Early Christian Heresies. This would've been nice to have when we were discussing the Apostles Creed, since it explains some of the specific heresies that the creed was developed against.

  • Doug of CoffeeSwirls takes a look at the question floating around in the aftermath of the tsunami: Where Was God? Doug examines some of the assumptions that are commonly found underneath that question:
    Everything that was less deadly than it could have been is always a twist of fate, yet everything that was more deadly than we would have liked must have been an act of God. Why is this? Are we so prone to think of God as a large bully who is ready to hurl catastrophe upon us for our sins rather than a benevolent God who would save some from the destruction that must come to the heavens and earth one day, lest His justice be infringed upon?
    Doug is onto something, I think. Why is it that God is blamed when things go wrong, but not given the credit for those who are saved?