Thursday, February 3

Round the Sphere Again

In this installment of our blog stroll I thought I'd feature a few of the blogs in the new Women4God Blogs aggregator. As I write this, Women4God has blogs from 34 different Christian women. Catez from Allthings2all is the one who set up the aggregator and manages it, and she reminds us that "Christian faith is expressed in a variety of ways." Women4God Blogs is proof of that! So let's enjoy a bit of that variety:

  • Kim at Upward Call likes to think of her blog as a little like talking with neighbors over the back fence. Kim is a homeschooling mom of three, and her children are featured in many of her posts, but so is her love for reading and theology and pens. Go read a bit and see if you don't wish Kim were your neighbor. (Although, right now I think I'd prefer coffee at the kitchen table to any outdoor chatting!)

  • Claire Bug is the blog of the mother of a young man in pilot training in the Air Force, so she calls herself Pilot Mom. When you visit her blog, you'll not only find photos of her military son, but lots of other tid-bits, too, like some humourous comments by children on the subject of love, and thought on God's grace.

  • Waterfall at A Sort of Notebook likes poetry and music. One of my biggest finds on her page is a link to The Internet Piano Page. She also posts poetry from Emily Dickenson and Milton.

  • Cindy at Notes in the Keys of Life is a radio announcer, so she gets to interview interesting people, and give us excerpts from her interviews on her blog. Her latest one was with Joni Eareckson Tada, and Cindy posts some words from Joni on euthanasia. The tone of Cindy's blog is upbeat and cheerful, so she's always a lot of fun to read. (I do think she's wrong about the poetry of Scotland's bard, but I'm in a magnanimous mood so I'll let that go.)

    There you go. Isn't the variety of gifts and interests to be found in the women of God a wonderful thing? Each one expressing themselves in different way, allowing us to see into their lives and loves, spreading a little of the fruit of Spirit in the blogosphere.
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