Tuesday, March 8

How to Enter this Week's Christian Carnival

This week's carnival will be at Belief Seeking Understanding. The Christian Carnival is open to Christians of Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic convictions. One of the goals of this Carnival is to offer our readers to a broad range of Christian thought.

Posts need not be of a theological topic. Posts about home life, politics, or current events, for example, written from a Christian worldview are welcome.

You may contribute any post written during the seven days preceding the Christian Carnival (Wednesday). You may wish to consider that the readership of the Christian Carnival will be more varied than your usual readership, and you might do better contributing a post with broad appeal.

You may contribute only one post per blog.

Email Christian Carnival's submission gmail address* [ChristianCarnival [ATT] gmail [DOTT] com] with the following details:

The name of your blog and a link to your main site. (Adding the name with a hyperlink would be a nice courtesy to the host.)

The title of your post and the URL of the post. (Again, adding the title with a hyperlink would be helpful.)

If you want a trackback, include a trackback link. (Tracking back is optional. Some hosts may oblige you, others may not have the time or ability.)

Include a short (one or two sentence) description of the post. Your description may be edited by the host, but is often used just as it is.

* This gmail address is to be used for submissions only. If you have administration questions, want to be added to the email list, or want to host the Carnival, contact Dory at this address.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday evening at midnight, Eastern (US) Standard Time.

[Update: There has been a paragraph recently added to the rules of the Christian Carnival.
As the goal of this Carnival is to highlight Christian thought in the blogosphere, entries will be limited to blogs that share that goal. Blogs with content that is strictlyfocused on a business, that has potentially offensive material Christians may not want to link to on their sites, or has no reference to distinctively Christian thought may not be included in this Carnival. There are other Carnivals that would be a more appropriate venue for that material. I realize that this will be a judgment call on the part of the Carnival administrator, and being human she may make mistakes. However, as the Christian Carnival is getting quite large, and it is sometimes questionable whether the entrants are seeking to promote Christian thought, I find this necessary.
The Carnival administrator explains that if your blog entry is deemed unsuitable for entry to the Carnival, you will be notified of that, so if you enter something that is not posted in the carnival, please
assume it was a mistake and notify the host or hostess so he or she can include it. The Carnival is a huge project to put together and sorting through the entries and keeping straight which ones have been put in and which have not is one of the hardest parts. It is very easy to inadvertently leave out a post. Also, sometimes gmail will think a post is spam and not put it into the Inbox, in which case it will not get automatically forwarded to the host unless I see that it is there and forward it on.

All of the participation instructions can be found here.]

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