Monday, March 21

Spring Break

Youngest son has no school until the 4th of April. I celebrated by sleeping in until 8:41AM. It's been a long time since I've done anything like that. Even when I have the opportunity to sleep in, I always wake up before the alarm usually goes off. Today I slept right through the radio alarm, although I vaguely remember some of the items in the news.

So posting on the blog might be more irregular than normal. Son and I have some things planned during his holiday, starting with taking the dog on a long hike and shopping for a harmonica. His friends have all gone someplace or other (one to Europe!), so he's going to need some entertaining.

Yesterday our front doorknob died, and we had to take some extraordinary measures to get back inside after church. Son proved himself to be a competent doorknob replacer. I learned an important lesson, too: young sons don't like taking instructions on fixing things from their mothers. So I left him to make his own mistakes and took the dog for a walk. When we returned, the doorknob was in and working, and son seemed to be walking a little taller than when I'd left. After supper, when I called his older brother to brag him up a bit, he pretended to be embarrassed, but then took the phone and discussed the intricacies of doorknob installation and other guy stuff for close to an hour.

We started spring break with a haircut on Friday night. All the bushy curls are gone (he no longer likes to pose for photos), and it's short--buzzed with a #5 on the shears. He's happy; I miss the curls. Did I mention how much he looks like his dad with his hair cut short?

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