Tuesday, April 19

Faith Stories: John Knox's Dying Words

When asked what had caused him to sigh and groan in his sleep, he responded:
In my life I have been often assaulted by Satan, and many times he hath cast in my teeth my sins, to bring me to despair; yet God enabled me to overcome all his temptations: and now that subtile Serpent who never easeth to tempt, hath taken another course, and seeks to preswade me that my labours in the Ministry, and the fidelity I have shewn in that service, hath merited Heaven and immortality: but blessed be God that brought to my mind these Scriptures. What hast thou, that thou hast not received? And, Not I, but the Grace of God in me: with which he is gone away ashamed, and shall no more return. And now I am sure that my Battel is at an end; and that without pain of Body, or trouble of Spirit, I shall shortly change this mortal and miserable Life, with that happy and immortal Life which shall never have an end.
After those around him had prayed for him, they asked him if he had heard them:
Would to God you had heard them with such an ear and heart as I have done!

Lord, Jesus receive my Spirit!
Then he died, they said, as if he were falling asleep rather than dying.

---From The Death of John Knox by Samuel Clarke.

[Update: Here's a whole web page devoted to John Owen, via SmartChristian Blog.]

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