Thursday, April 28

Round the Sphere Again

  • The 67th Christian Carnival is up at Wittenburg Gate. Dory got it up for us on the fly when the planned host was unable to.

  • The Fifteenth Vox Apologia is up. The subject: How can God allow sin? I'd like to have tackled this one myself, but I've been too busy. My short answer: If the creator, sustainer God is good, all-powerful and all-knowing, and sin is present in that creation, then sin must serve a good purpose.

  • A hat tip to A Physicist's Perspective for pointing me to this post on one of my favorite subjects: Punctuation. It discusses that hot button issue of whether to include commas and periods within quotation marks even when that punctuation doesn't belong to the quotation. I'll admit I waffle on this one, and you'll find examples that go either way here on the blog. My logical, systematic self prefers to put the punctuation outside the quotation mark, while the conforming-to-custom self wants to do what everyone else does--put the period or comma inside the quotation. I think I'll go with my logical self from now on and just pretend I'm British.

  • Kim posts on one more subject I love: Why women ought to learn theology.

  • Tim Challies on yet another of my pet issues in a post titled Songs of Procrastination. I'll give you a little clue: They aren't hymns.

  • I saw the first crocuses of the year on my walk this afternoon. I didn't have my camera along, but not to worry--they look the same as last year. They're up a little earlier, though, aren't they?
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