Monday, April 4

This Month's Giveaway

Yes, it's time for April's giveaway, and here are the details.
As always, two equal prizes will be awarded in April. Each winner will receive an autographed copy of Blog: Understanding The Information Reformation That's Changing Your World and Hell's Bells 2: The Dangers of Rock and Roll DVD set. In Blog, author Hugh Hewitt helps you catch up with, understand and get ahead of the blogging phenomenon. The race is underway to gain mindspace and to be part of the blogosphere readers' habits and to position yourself as well as your business or organization at the forefront of this information movement. Over three years in the making, Hell's Bells 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the original Hell's Bells series, weaves together science, satire, testimonies, parables, interviews, expansive research, and a vibrant Christian perspective to create a video series that is as fascinating as it is educational and evangelistic.
The contest is open to anyone anywhere in the world with an email address. Click on the banner below to enter.

April Giveaway


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