Wednesday, May 25

Aprons Are the Latest Thing


Here's one my grandma (the one married to this grandpa) made for my oldest daughter.

More apron photos and commentary via Liquid Paper:I've got several more aprons with interesting histories. Maybe sometime I'll post photos of them, too.

[Update 2: A whole apron category from angry chicken.]

First I have to remember to dig them out of storage.

[Update: Laurie can't figure out if the little animals on the apron are "mice or cats or bears maybe". I'll post a photo of the jaunty one and let you be the judge.

I always considered them bears, but there is that tail issue, isn't there?]

In response, Judy tells the story of the mother who sent her newly married son a package. "In it were the ties, new snipped, from her favourite apron." Smart mom, wouldn't you say?

Do you have an apron photo or story to share? Post it, send me the link and I'll link to you. We'll have a little apron party.