Saturday, May 14

Whoopdidoo! It's That Time of the Year Again!

The time for garage sales, of course. I had my first garage sale outing of the spring this morning.

Some other day I'll post about how I never buy anything new unless I'm forced at gunpoint. Right now I'm still too busy basking in the glow of my bargains to take time to compose any such post. I came home with
  • two vintage pillow cases. I have a thing for vintage linens, so I'm always happy when I can add to my collection.
  • a nice fluffy comforter. One can never have too many comforters, especially when the kids are growing up and leaving home and happy to take a few with them when they go.
  • two vintage cookbooks. My love for vintage cookbooks that don't smell musty is second only to my love for vintage linens.
  • two more new condition books: The Guns of Normandy by George G. Blackburn, and James Herriot's Dog Stories. I got both of these for youngest son, who is interested in anything about WW2, and likes dogs, too, and has been complaining non-stop that we've nothing more for him to read. In a little bit of serendipity, Kim posted on James Herriot yesterday, and I thought then that I ought to pick up a James Herriot book or two for Daniel, so when I saw that nice big volume today, I had to buy it.
  • a duvet cover with matching curtain. One can never have too many duvet covers, either, although I'm considering cutting this one up to make pillowcases. One can never have too many pillow cases.

All this for the grand total of $10.00.

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