Thursday, July 14

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival is up at a ticking time blog. It's the All-Star Edition. It's been way too long since I've entered something in the carnival. I'm going to have to try to do better on that.

  • Here's an interesting post on hypercalvinism from a blog that's new to me: Radio interview on Hyper-Calvinism from Theological Meditations. Go read it and see what you think. I'm going to have to give Phil the hat tip for this, but I'm carefully restraining myself from saying anything clever about him or his blog.

  • Al Mohler on Theological Triage. This post examines the question of what theological battles are important to fight.

  • Adrian asks "Did Paul meet Jesus when he was on earth?" Catez answers: Paul Met Jesus After the Resurrection & Ascension. John answers the question, too. Sort of.

  • There's a bit of a buzz in my blogroll this week over blog stats and what we should make of them. It started with a post at Evangelical Outpost: Lessons of a Recovering Statistics-Addicted Influence Seeker.

    Here are a few responses on the subject: Further Lessons of Another Recovering Statistics-Addicted Influence Seeker from; Carla tells us why stats stink and why she blogs. Kim says it's not the numbers in the stats that keep her blogging, but the number of words.

    [Update: Warren is buzzing, too.]

    I won't be commenting on the subject of blog stats except to say that I try my best to ignore them, since I've learned that they're a bit like a watched pot.

  • Now it's time for an installment of silly search queries that lead people to this site. This week's top honor goes to: Where can I find poems of how a blood transfusion saved someone's life? It's the word poems that makes this search just a tad weird. Stories, maybe, but poems? When is the last time you read a poem about a blood tranfusion? (But hey! If you're an aspiring poet, take note. The market's already there.) Anyway, contrary to what Google told you, the answer to that question is not here on this blog!

    Runner up in this category is do you remember children's story books like the cat? cat doesn't remember any children's story books. All he's got on his mind right now is escaping into the great outdoors, something we're trying our best to keep him from doing. The neighbor's seen a coyote walking our street a few times lately, so we're being especially vigilant, since this cat thinks it's his duty to chase all big dogs from the yard. He has no idea he's really just coyote bait.

    But the news is not all silly on the search query front. At least one person asked a question for which this blog has the definitive answer.
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