Thursday, August 4

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival is up at Dunmoose the Ageless. I finally got around to entering something again--By Faith Abraham from the Hebrews 11 series. And in case you're wondering, the comment that Paul wrote Hebrews came from the carnival host, not me.

  • Parableman has begun a series taken from his lecture notes from a class he taught on "Theories of Knowledge and Reality". He's provided a list that links to all the posts here.

  • Eddie Esposito, a guest blogger on ProsApologian, has a post on the inevitability of disagreements among Christians, and why disagreement is a good thing. It starts out like this:
    When you find someone who agrees with you on every point of doctrine, polity, and practice you must either be gazing into your bedroom mirror or having fellowship with a politician...

  • Tim of Mission Safari posts about his homesickness. I've linked to this because I'm pretty sure feeling like this at times is common to all missionaries, and those of us who pray for them can keep this in mind.

  • My sons say this really exists and it's quite useful.
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