Wednesday, August 24

Things I Learned

about Daughter #2 and Son #1 when I returned from my trip.
  1. They keep a very tidy house. It's messy now--strewn with things we brought back with us and folded laundry, but it was a lovely sight when we walked in the door with our suitcases.
  2. They can keep flowers and a garden thriving. Pets too.
  3. They remember to get the garbage out on garbage day.
  4. They like to barbecue. There was no charcoal or lighter fluid remaining and I bought them both right before I left.
  5. They don't know how to judge whether cauliflower is ready to pick, so we'll be eating overripe cauliflower with every meal for a while.
  6. They don't shop for food or toilet paper, and they'd rather not use my car than buy gas for it.

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