Tuesday, December 13

A June-December Comparison

This photo was taken down by the airport last summer--June 6, to be exact--at 11:00 pm.

This photo was taken down by the airport some time last week at 1:00 pm or so. You will notice there is no snow in either picture.

We had a snowfall on Sunday, so right now there is a covering on the ground. The forecast is for +5C* by Friday, so what little we have is in jeopardy.

*That's 41F, for the Celsius impaired. To get the equivalent Farenheit temp from a Celsius temp, take the degrees Celsius (5) and multiply it by 9/5 (or 1.8). In this case I used the fraction, since even a fraction impaired person can do 5 * 9/5 in their head, right? Then add that number (9) to 32 and you get the Farenheit equivalent (41). Piece of cake!

(And for those to whom I had announced that my camera was caput, it seems the problem was not with my camera, but with a whole box of 40 batteries from Superstore.)

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