Sunday, January 1

I'm Back

from our after-the-holidays trip. I enjoyed reading all the comments and email from you all. I'm too tired to respond to anything now, but I'll try to get to it soon.

Best part of the holiday? Our trip to EMP in Seattle. Youngest son had so much fun there. There weren't all that many other people visiting when we did, so there were no lineups to try out the things in the sound lab, and we spent a good part of our visit there.

Oldest daughter loved seeing the stage costumes of the various performers most of all. She's done a bit of clothing design, so this was right down her alley. She also enjoyed trying her voice out (not necessarily a good thing!) in the sound lab.

Me? I loved reading all the writings from Jimi Hendrix. I've never been a Jimi Hendrix fan, but I now know that the man wrote the most fascinating journal entries and letters.

And if you name any chain store, I was probably dragged there sometime in the past 4 days.

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