Friday, January 27

Today's News

I used my blogging time today to write up something on the ordo salutis to post at Theologica.

And while I was doing that, The New York Time Travel Section put up an article telling you all to come visit me.
Spend a winter weekend in Whitehorse (population: 22,000), and you'll find that the spell is truly contagious. The capital of Canada's Yukon Territory was so named because Gold Rush stampeders found that the since-tamed rapids of the Yukon River reminded them of the flowing manes of stallions. Whitehorse is sub-Arctic, so winter is obviously cold, with temperatures often down around zero degrees Fahrenheit. But dark it is not. You could enjoy more rays on an abbreviated February day than in an entire week down south in the Pacific Northwest. The clear nights are often highlighted by a symphony of color called aurora borealis, the Northern Lights. The people? Friendly -- and hearty indeed.
Book your tickets now!

To those of you who have emailed me in the past few days: Answering my email is on my list for thing to do tomorrow.

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