Friday, February 17

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival is at Pursuing Holiness, and it's all about love.

  • Spreading joy:
    1. Scotwise helps us be of good cheer.

    2. You can have your own magazine cover, too, thanks to Ian's Messy Desk's link to this toy from
  • There've been a couple requests for more Yukon content in the comments recently. Well, the Liard Hot Springs aren't really in the Yukon, but the photos were taken by a Yukoner who took a quick trip down there for a winter dip. These hot springs are a favorite stopping place on the Alaska highway, about 450 miles down toward civilization from here. Lots of wildlife there, too, like bison and caribou.

  • Yet more Canadian content from Chez Kneel.

  • Marla tells us why discernment is important.
    ....if we are so concerned with love, let us love by being truthful rather than muddling the distinctions between blogs of Christians and those of sects that have broken away from Christianity, so that seekers and newer Christians aren't taken captive into deceptive philosophies (sound familiar?).

  • Book, books, and more books:
    1. Jollyblogger on The Davinci Code: The Da Vinci Code Fallback Position

    2. At Postscript Posthaste, Shaun Nolan tells us that reading fiction is good for us.
      Fiction stirs the soul in a way that commentaries do not. Fiction exposes a man’s heart much the way the parables and stories of Jesus did the hearts of those who heard (and didn’t hear) them. Fiction offers us a glimpse not only into the mind of man, but into his motivations.
    3. From 9 Marks: A reading list for the lay person.
      Careful reading is not just the pastor's task. In fact, the members of Christian churches are charged with the responsibility of discerning error in their pastors' teaching, and of choosing teachers who will not simply tickle their ears (Gal 1:6-9; 2Tim 4:3). Reading solid books is a great way to develop your appetite for theology and your ability to discern truth and error.

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