Friday, March 3

Raven Mad?

In other local news, Yukon artist Bill Barnie wants to change our license plate, from this:

to this:

That's a raven, in case you can't tell. You know, the smart black birds that look like really big crows. They're also the territory's official bird .

Everyone likes his new plate design, Barnie says, but they are also sentimentally attached to the little gold panner. The last time someone tried to get rid of the miner, it caused a major kerfuffle, and the plan was quickly scratched. Barnie is hoping that people are more open minded now.
I'd like to see people actually see this licence plate to make judgements before they jump to any conclusions because it's something you want to see, before you make a decision.
Barnie's plate, he claims is "unique and full of character. . . just like the people of the Yukon."

I'm thinking Barnie himself may be the perfect example of the unique character of Yukon people.

My problem with the present Yukon license plate? I was pulled over once in the states because the highway patrolman thought it must be fake. Something smelled fishy to him. I don't see the raven-shaped one helping me out any with that.

Read the whole story from CBC North, and see Yukon license plates down through history.

Have your say. Which plate design do you like best?

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