Tuesday, April 18

'Tis a Gift to be Simple

Especially if you're a meme. I've been tagged by Kim in ON for this one.

Ten of life's simple pleasures:
  1. Puppy breath
  2. A piping hot cup of black coffee
  3. Getting into a bed freshly made up with clean flannel sheets.
  4. Late afternoon sun through the living room windows
  5. Stacking firewood
  6. Running my fingers through a bucket of wild cranberries
  7. The smell of crisp and chilly line dried laundry
  8. Bare feet in wet sand
  9. A thick and heavy dictionary
  10. An American Hershey's plain chocolate bar. And yes, they are different than the Canadian ones--less sweet, and darker.

I'm going to tag Julana for this one. I'm thinking that someone who lives life in the slow lane ought to know something about simple pleasures. I'll tag Andrew, too. If you'd like to do this one as well, consider yourself tagged and say I tagged you.

Update: Andrew has posted his list.

Update 2: Julana's list of simple pleasures is posted, too.