Wednesday, February 21

Children's Poetry: Reader's Edition

In the comments, Judy contributes two poems by Eleanor Farjeon from her kindergarten teaching days.
What lovely names for girls there are!
There's Stella like the Evening Star,
And Sylvia like a rustling tree,
And Lola like a melody,
And Flora like a flowery morn,
And Sheila like a field of corn,
And Melusina like the moan
Of water. And there's Joan, like Joan.

What splendid names for boys there are!
There's Carol like a rolling car,
And Martin like a flying bird,
And Adam like the Lord's first word,
And Raymond like the Harvest Moon,
And Peter like a piper's tune,
And Alan like the flowing on
Of water. And there's John, like John
Jen of joythruChrist posts yet another cat poem by T. S. Eliot. In this house, we use simpler names for our cats, by the way.

Violet posts another one of her magnificent originals: My Place.

William Meisheid composed a poem with the boy-girl theme for us and put it in the comments:
Girls are soft, with rounded edges
Boys are hard, and burst through hedges

Girls will cry, and it ruins their day
Boys will sniffle, and be on their way

Girls all giggle, but mostly hold it in
Boys all guffah, with a sidesplitting grin

Girls be girls, and who can define?
Boys be boys, and mellow like wine
Isn't that fun?

And it's so much more fun when everyone contributes to the monthly theme here on the blog, so if you've posted a poem for kids, send me the link. Don't have a blog? Don't let that stop you! Post your poem in the comments of this post, and I'll use it.

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