Wednesday, January 21

Theology Makes My Heart Sing

I know for many believers the word theology seems to go hand in hand with the word boring. To them, theology seems like useless nitpicking over tiny details that make no difference in the long run, anyway. Studying theology could not possibly be as important as simply loving God with all our heart.

And they are right. Absolutely nothing is more important than loving God.

For some of us, though, the study of theology is instrumental in the growth of our love for God. There are some of us for whom a good study of systematic theology brings with it the power to make our hearts sing like nothing else save the study of scripture itself. The more we understand exactly what we are, underneath the gracious work of God within us, the more we love God for his mercy in saving us. The more we understand who God is, as He reveals Himself to us in all His attributes, the more we are awed that He would condescend to reach us.

Then there are some who see the study of theology as territory for men only. Women, they think, ought to be focused on being good wives and mothers. They are partly right, for being a good wife and good mother is right practice for a christian woman. What is forgotten, though, is that all of our right practices are like a mechanic's greasy uniform if they are not done for the right reason--if they do not arise from our love for God. Christian women need to know who God is that we should worship Him, and what has He done that we should love Him. Only those who know Him can worship and love Him, and only those who worship and love him can be good wives and mothers out of righteous motivation.