Friday, February 20

All Boys Need Some Derring-do

Oooh, I've been waiting for years for an opportunity to use that word! I suppose I should have some sort of scientific study to back up that statement, but if you've raised any sons to semi-adulthood, you probably know that this is true. Adolescent boys have an inner itch for adventure, and if they don't get enough of it in relatively safe and lawful activities, they may just find it for themselves in unsafe and illegal ways. Sometimes it can be a challenge for parents to provide enough opportunity for this sort of physically demanding, courage testing activity, and for a solo mom, this is even more difficult.

At our house, this need is being met right now through the sport of skijoring--you know, harnessing the dog (or dogs) and letting her pull you while you ski behind. Nearly every day my 14 year old son puts the booties and the harness on our golden retriever and off they go in the Yukon bush for a good run/ski, and my son experiences two things boys long for--a challenge against the elements and breath-taking speed!