Monday, March 8

On Biblical Literacy

I have to admit that sometimes I am surprised by how many believers there are who lack a basic knowledge of the Bible. What I forget, I guess, is that I have an advantage that many don’t have. I was steeped in the things of the word from the day I was born. I learned the Bible basics in the same way children learn to talk and walk and read--not by working at it, but just by living.

Yesterday I discovered that one of my favorite writers on the web J. Mark Bertrand has a weblog. (I don’t know how I had missed it!) He grew up in the same sort of atmosphere I did, but has written a little piece on gaining biblical literacy for those who grew up without that foundation. He suggests this system: Ten Steps to Biblical Literacy by Michael D. Marlowe. Of course, it is always easier to pick things up by osmosis as a child, but this method is one way to make up for what may have been missed.

While you're at it, you may want to check out the rest of J. Mark Bertrand’s writings.