Sunday, March 21

Sunday Morning Sermon

Here's another one from Pastor Fred Martin of the Evangelical Free Church of Bemidji, MN, chosen because of it's timely subject matter--standing up for what's right in a hostile world. It's a look at the Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego story from Daniel.

Even if God Does Not...

These three young men are confident in God's ability to save them, but they also know that there is something far more important than their personal comfort and safety. God's honor supersedes everything! They are going to live for him no matter what. "Even if God does not save us, we will serve him!"

That is the attitude and approach that you and I have to adopt. Let's make a firm decision that we are going to honor God and live for him and stand up for what he says is true no matter what the cost. God may in his grace turn our country around once again, but if he does not, we will remain true to him.