Tuesday, April 20

A Stroll Through the Roll

Most of my blogging time has been eaten up with dentistry this morning (You may now address me as Princess Rebecca, if you wish, for I have been crowned.), so I thought I might just highlight a few goodies from my blogroll today. First of all, I am finally getting around to adding two blogs that I read almost daily, but haven't yet added to the roll (Shame on me!). Challies.com is one of those blogs that always makes me think, and he’s a fellow Canadian to boot! Check out the post today on the value of objectivity when reading and studying scripture.

I read The Great Separation especially for the news about the persecution of believers around the world. I live too blissfully unaware of these sorts of things, and that's something I'm trying to change.

Now for a couple of plugs for series type posts from two others already on the roll. Mr. Standfast is doing a series on C.D. F. Moule's The Meaning of Hope that is well worth reading.

Imago Veritatis has a series on Spirit mindedness from The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded by John Owens. Every one of these articles makes me want to know God more. I’ve linked the first post and you can link the rest of the series from there.

There you have it. Read them instead of me today!