Tuesday, May 4

Juicy Gossip from the Roll

Ian makes a shocking admission. Not only is his desk messy, but he struggles with punctuation. This is all good for us, though, because along with making that admission, he links to two very interesting essays on punctuation. I know you think that the idea of very interesting essays on punctuation is paradoxical. It is, but now is the time to embrace paradox: Dave Pollard writes Comma, Period; and Paul Robinson writes The Philosophy of Punctuation.

Next, the Discoshaman admits that he has thrown books against walls, ones by Dutch theologians, no less. He recommends the tossed-in-frustration-but-still-worth-reading author Henry James. And you thought only clogs were tossed over there in Kiev!

Parablemania is hosting the Christian Carnival this week. Not exactly juicy gossip, I suppose, but an interesting bit of news. Consider entering something.

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