Wednesday, June 9

Come One, Come All!

The Christian Carnival is all set up at Christ Web.

I've already looked through them all. Here are a few notables entries:

Living on both ends posts a must-be-read poem written by her 12-year-old son. Sometimes those young boys can surprise us with their depth of understanding of difficult things.

The Great Separation posts Aborting "Defective Children" on Rise in UK and wonders what this says about how that society values the disabled.

Parablemania explores whether taking someone's position to it's logical conclusion, and portraying their viewpoint according to what it's implications are, is ever the right thing to do. [Correction: I misunderstood the post in my summary of it. Jeremy is rather exploring whether labeling someone as holding a viewpoint that's a consequence of their other views, but a label that comes from consequences of their view that they don't acknowledge or accept, is ever a right approach. Sort of like when I made someone really angry by telling him that since he believed that the fall of Adam had no consequence for anyone or anything but Adam himself, Pelagian was the proper label to use for him. I was right, but I'm pretty sure that in this case my approach was wrong.]

Mr. Standfast is thankful for colors. (You know, God must have given us eyes that see beyond black and white and shades of grey for a reason! Praise for the pallette is an appropriate response, don't you think?)

And Jollyblogger reviews a review of the Harry Potter novels. My children have always been given free reign to read whatever interests them. (Okay, I can see some of you gasping! There would be limits, of course, to what I would allow them to read, but I've never had to explore where the boundaries are, because they have never even come close to them.) Despite that freedom, the Harry Potter books have never been big in this house. My youngest son read the first novel because his cousin had, but he just never showed an interest in reading any more of them, and moved instead to reading all the Narnia books and then The Hobbit and the trilogy by Tolkein. All this is a round about way of saying that I really don't have an opinion on Harry Potter--I don't know enough about them to form an opinion. Jollyblogger is looking for input, though, and if you do have an informed opinion, you might want to read his post and leave a comment.

Happy reading!

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