Friday, June 25

Fiddling With The Links

Yes, I have taken on the template this morning and added a few links. There is a reason that I always score lowest on the clerical part of aptitude tests. I am not bad at the pure typing part. In fact, I am pretty stinkin' fast and accurate at just plain old typing, but if the typing involves a form to fill in, or using symbols, or maybe pressing that delete button, or copying and pasting, rest assured that some sort of big mistake will be made. This morning was no exception. I accidently deleted about half of my blog roll, and somehow managed to save those changes without noticing the missing members of the roll. So all had to be redone, and half of my morning is gone. But there are now new and wonderful links!

First of all, I have linked to the new page of Riverdale Baptist Church, which is my church here in Whitehorse. Of particular interest is the info on the Mexico Missions Trip, which happens next week.

Then there is Brian's Wescott and Hort Resource Centre, which is not a new link, but has some new and wonderful content. Brian's mission is to give unbiased and accurate information on Wescott and Hort, two men who are often disparaged in the KJVO debate. In the process of making arguments supporting a KJVO position, KJVO advocates often accuse these two 19th century Anglican scholars of all sorts of things. Brian tries to find the real scoop. I must say he researches this in a much more careful and unbiased way than I would be able to, and he is to be commended for that. The site is in the construction stages, and much of what is planned is not up yet, but the Frequently Assaulted Quote page has quite a bit of content already. Brian is trying to gain access to all of W & H's works (not an easy task, for many of the are rather rare), so he can check the quotes that are used by KJVO advocates to show that W & H were heretics, to see if they are quoted accurately, and also to see if the quotes are taken out of context in order to make them appear to be saying something different than what W & Hort were originally saying. If you ever engage in KJVO debate, or are just interested in it, you will find this site informative.

And there are now two new blogs on the blogroll:

Proverbial Wife, which is more of a journal type blog than I usually read, but I find myself reading hers almost every time she posts, because she takes me back to those early days of parenthood and spousehood when everything is new and challenging, and nothing is yet second nature or easy. I find the spunkiness that shows through each post inspiring. Today we find out that she is really the irrepressible Anne Shirley, of PEI fame. I could have told her that, and she wouldn't have had to take a quiz to find it out.

Check out, too, for lots of interesting content. Matt's subject matter is almost always something I'm interested in. The lastest post is one about Theodore Beza, one of the reformers, but one that I am much less familiar with than Luther and Calvin and Zwingli, etc.

The latest news from the Yukon is that the Swift River fire is threatening one of Northwestel's microwave towers. So if there comes a time when I don't post for a while, maybe that's why. Or maybe not. I could also be sitting in my lawn chair, or at the beach, sipping iced tea.