Wednesday, July 7

Look at How Big the Christian Carnival Is!

It's something more than twenty entries this week. (With all the double post entries, I got confused in my counting. Just because I'm a math geek doesn't mean I can count.) Go over and visit at Messy Christian.

I said I was going to feature one entry per week. (As the Carnival grows, it gets more difficult to do limit it to one.) I'm going to have to go with this one by Pruitt Communications for this week, because I don't think I've ever seen this subject blogged about, and it's an interesting and thoughtful post on a subject I haven't really considered before. Making us think about things we haven't considered before is one of the points of the Carnival, isn't it?

I think it's PC's first time entering something in the carnival, too. Let's hope he continues to enter often.

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