Saturday, July 31

A Round Up of Fun Stuff for Saturday

We certainly can't let a Saturday go by without a cute pet picture, can we?

Cat on a Black Shingle Roof

Leroy suns himself where he can spy on those coming to the front door. Yes, those are Christmas lights you see. Put up Christmas lights is item #1 on my Christmas to-do list for this year, and I've already got that one scratched off. It is such a joy to be so organized.

And here are a couple more fun things:

For fun with a serious point, but fun nonetheless--you might want to check out Charlie of Another Think's post explaining how iron works in the blood. If only my doctor would explain things like this, life would be just a bit more entertaining.

For those of you who didn't do the round of the BlogSwaps yesterday, and who enjoy a bit of irreverent humor, go check out Ochuck's send up of things purpose driven at Spy Journal. It's called The Purpose Driven Wife.

And now, I'm off to ponder whether I have just broken my promise never to write about anything purpose driven. Yes, I think I have. As punishment I am not allowing myself to use the lawnmower for the rest of the weekend.

[Update: I had a quiz on here earlier, but the link wasn't working, so I deleted it. But it just wouldn't be right to have a Saturday without some sort of silly quiz, so how about How Blonde Are You?

Congrats!!! You're a true-blue blonde. Sometimes you
can be a real ditz/goof but hey, that's why
everyone loves being around you.

How BLONDE are you?
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There, now I can rest easy!]