Wednesday, August 4

Dump Scavenging

I've been known to do it. I've got a set of collectible Anchor Hocking green glass platters to show for it, and a shop vac that was brand new, still in the box. Let's not forget the cute little metal pedal car from the early sixties, either. But I've never found anything like this:
Yukon government archeologists have a mystery to unravel.

They've been handed an impressive colletion of ancient stone tools that were found at the Whitehorse garbage dump.

The implements were found earlier this summer in a cardboard box by a local garbage picker, who took them to government experts for analysis.

Archeaologist Greg Hare, who's studied the 28 stone artifacts, says it's a unique collection.....

Hare estimates the tools are 3000-4000 years old.
Unfortunately, unless their origin can be found, the artifacts are almost worthless. What is known is that they are probably not originally from the Yukon.
The only clue to their true origin comes from the newspaper the tools were wrapped in: Ottawa Citizen and Globe and Mail newspapers dated from 1981.
So, if you're the neat freak who cleaned the basement just a little too well, time to 'fess up.

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