Wednesday, August 25

Neither Here Nor There

Tomorrow will be the lastest BlogSwap, so make sure you come round to see what's up. [Update: No BlogSwap this week. It's been postponed.]

It's been busy in this household. Nothing particularly important going on, just lots to do as summer winds up.

It's beginning to be fall here, and I noticed today that most of the leaves on the trees in the bush around my house are yellow. The mayday tree in the yard is already dropping leaves, so even my yard has an autumn look. The nights are cooler, too, but so far there has been no frost, mostly because there has been either smoke in the air, or clouds. Yes, we are still being plagued on and off by stinky smoke from this summer's forest fires.

Yesterday when I checked the salmon numbers at the fish ladder, there had been 1824 through the dam. The numbers are dropping off now, but no matter what the final number is, this will have been a really good year for them. The record return years are somewhere around 2000, and this year's return is pretty close to that. Several of the males have come through with noses that are really mangled, and they haven't figured out why yet, but it may have something to do with the high water levels in the river.

Youngest son is doing volleyball training camp all week. Six hours of volleyball every day. He is so sore that he gets in and out of the car rather gingerly, and then spends his evenings parked on the couch, immobile except for the frequent trips to the fridge. I suppose that just when his body gets used to all that volleyball, the camp will be over. Next Wednesday, school will start for him, so this is a good way to get him back in the swing of earlier bed times and earlier rising.

The pooch loves peas, and she spends a lot of time in the garden next to the pea netting, picking peas and eating them, pods and all. She looks rather cow-like as she crunches. We have so many peas that it doesn't really matter if she indulges herself, but I don't like it when she steals the ones I've already picked from out of the container. She likes potatoes, too, and will dig one up and toss it around with her mouth for a while, throwing it up and catching it if she can. Eventually, she'll eat it, but only after she's tired of playing with it.

By now, I suppose you're wondering if this post has a point. No, it doesn't. It's just an aimless meandering thing. I'm allowed one of those now and then, I think.

And now the pea picking dog and I are off on our daily constitutional.