Friday, August 20

What a Day!

Not a bad one, just a busy one. Garage sales, and school shopping, and vegie picking and blanching and freezing, with a bit of a plumbing emergency thrown in for good measure. And let's not forget the sticky rhubarb juice in my hair incident, either. (Just don't ask how that happened. It's one of those impossible to explain things.)

It's 10:40 PM, I just finished the supper dishes, and I'm finally sitting down to blog. I've posted something every single day since April (I think that's right, but please don't go checking!), and it would be a shame to break that record because of a rather ordinary day, however full it was. So before I head off to bed, let me point you to some good reading from the bloggery.

Interested in Christology? You might like this: A Thought on the Holy Incarnate Word, Part 1 from Brandon of Siris.

How about the craft of writing? You will find good things here: Notes on Craft from J. Mark Bertrand.

If you've been reading my posts about God's attributes and open theism, you might enjoy reading this post by the Parableman on Prosblogian. He's taken an argument I started and developed it.

Now, it's way past my bedtime, so that's where I'm headed.