Wednesday, August 18

Peach Cobbler

Younger son and I canned peaches yesterday. He scalded the peaches while I slipped the skins off. I was waiting for the heat wave to subside before I boiled big pots of water in the kitchen, but those peaches just kept on ripening. So yesterday was the day, heat and all.

Oldest son snapped this picture of me just after the peaches were finished. Can you tell what I'm doing?

I like to pretend that I'm not interested in my stats, but there's the picture to prove otherwise.

The leaves are beginning to change color. We noticed this last night when youngest son and dog and I took a hike along the Chadburn Lake trails. Autumn is on its way, even though this heat wave makes it seem like it's still midsummer.

Last time I checked the returning salmon stats, there had been over 1400 of them through the dam already, with somewhere around 100 still arriving each day. When all is said and done--or all have spawned and died, if you prefer--this will have been a good run for the chinook.

For those of you who are interested in the landcruiser restoration project that's happening in my garage, here is a photo of the now nearly restored cruiser.

His dad would be proud, don't you think?