Monday, August 16

I'm So Late

....posting the info for this week's Christian Carnival.
Christian Carnival XXXI....

The next Christian Carnival will be hosted here at Parableman next Wednesday. It's a great way to get recognition for your blog. Submit your best post from the past week (i.e. since the time of post submissions for the previous Christian Carnival) on a Christian-related theme (including politics but only if it's close enough to being an issue relevant to Christianity). We've been getting enough submissions lately that we can afford to deny people's submissions if they're not Christian-related or not from within the last week.

Then submit the following information:

Blog name
Blog URL
post name
post URL
trackback URL for your post if you would like a trackback
brief description of post

Send your submission to and make sure your subject makes it clear that this is for the Christian Carnival, or it will be deleted as junk mail.
Look through your posts. Find something. Enter it.