Wednesday, August 11

It's Wednesday... it must be the Christian Carnival. Head over to Beyond the Rim and read.

Particularly noteworthy:

Reformation at Minas Tirith. This is an encouraging little piece that assures us that God uses not-so-perfect people--even much-worse-than-perfect people to accomplish good things.

Sirus's post on the Trinity. Really good stuff, really thoughtful stuff, on a really interesting subject.

The Parableman has a well-thought-out post on lying. (I know that writing Parableman and well-thought-out in a single sentence is ridiculously redundant, but so be it.) I'm not sure I agree 100% with what he writes--I just don't know, because it's such a difficult subject, and one I've not spent a lot of time considering--but the article certainly made me think.

And from My Domestic Church, on a topic dear to my heart, we have an article defending stay at home mothering as a legitimate and good choice.

Now, I'm off to watch the Twins roust Seattle....I hope. We're big fans, but we almost never have the games televised here, so it's a big deal for us when they are. Unfortunately, we've had somewhere around 4 games televised so far this year, and the Twins've lost the first three. Apparently my shouting encouragement toward the screen doesn't help as much as one might think....

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