Monday, August 9

Christian Carnival Info

Almost forgot!
This week's Carnival is at Beyond the Rim... So, be thinking about submitting an article or getting your blogger friends to submit an article. Email your entry to beyondtherim at and include the words Christian Carnival in the Subject line. It helps my SPAM filter and my message sorter. Please also send:

The name of your blog:
The URL of your blog:
The name of your nominated blog post:
The URL of your nominated blog post:
A brief description of the nominated blog post:

I also want to suggest that you use the ability of your mail client to request a read receipt. That way you will be sure I got the submission. For all those not requesting a read receipt, I will be emailing a confirmation of receipt. If you don't get a confirmation, either through a read receipt or confirmation reply, I didn't get your submission. It may have been eaten by the random bit bucket.

Submission deadline is Tuesday at 12 midnight EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) or there abouts.

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