Friday, August 6

What's Up

We are having beautiful weather once again after a week and a half or so of mediocre (or worse). I am finding it very hard to spend much time at the computer when the sunshine is calling me. Our fall might come any time now, so these warm days are precious and need to be savored.

There are lots of things ready to be picked in the garden, too. The peas and rasberries and rhubarb and cherry tomatoes all need immediate attention. There are a couple of nice sized cauliflower there, too, but I might leave them for a day or two until we can deal with the other vegies.

And Brianna leaves us on Tuesday, so there has been the distraction of her packing and preparing to move out.

I have started a little essay on God's omnipresence, although I may not call it that, since that's such an inadequate word to describe his infinity in regards to space. I'd hoped to finish that up and post it this morning, but naaaah, I've decided to play hookey instead. I also took photos yesterday of the fish ladder and salmon, and I'll try to get them posted sometime shortly, as well. (Did you know there had been 297 salmon through the fish ladder as of yesterday?)

That's the scoop from here. Now I'm off to pick up a few groceries--we can't dine on vegies only--and then maybe I'll read a bit in my lawn chair before tackling some of the garden work.

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